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The Start was when Math and Art Collided

How did I started?

When I think about it, I started many many years ago. I was always a child that liked to draw and paint. I think I carried a coloring booking wherever I could. I also spend a lot of time doodling. At the same time, I also like numbers and shapes. These two may seem so different and worlds apart but the truth is that they are intertwined. I feel lucky enough to be able to see the connection and beauty between the two.

As I grew older, and like many teens I became interested in make up. I would try to recreate the 'Look' I saw in the magazines I had. The colorful combinations attracted my eye. This was often done after I was finished with my Math homework.

In college, I was a math major. This is where I fell even more in love with Mathematics. It was not easy but when the lightbulb turned on it was magical, it was beautiful, it was an art. During this time is when I started painting and using little people as my canvas. The person to blame for this is my daughter who at the time was two years old and my uncles who are professional clowns and had given me a set of Wolfe paints.

Very 1st butterfly design

I painted my daughter to comfort her after she had fallen. I showed her the butterfly I had done on her and she was just so mesmerized. It was too, magical.

I continued painting her (my daughter), then I moved on to family events and then I was encouraged by my family to venture off and do it for the people.

I recognize, it was easy for me. After all, my mind had been trying practically all of my life. The training happened between the painting, drawing, coloring, doodling, knowing shapes, ratios, and symmetry to name a few, helped sooo much.

Here is a Video from TEDtalks.. about the Fibonnaci Ratio which is shown in many areas included nature and Art and explained through Math which is an art in itself.

The American Mathematical Society featured an essay called Mathematics and Art. If you care to read the link is below:

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