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Traditions and Customs are Strong in LA

Altar de la Cuidad Nezahualcoyotl de Mexico

LA is the home of the largest population of Mexicans living outside of Mexico. When the Mexican community immigrates to the States, they might leave the land they grew up in, their family and friends but what does not get left behind is their customs, morals, traditions and beliefs.

One of these traditions is Dia de los muertos.

To learn just a little bit more about Dia de los muertos, click the following link :

The link will take you to a National Geography that will tell you a quick history and background of Dia de los muertos.

In recent years, this beautiful tradition has caught the attention of others including big companies like Disney. You may recall the well written story of "Coco"

Now, there are plenty of places to celebrate, for starters at home. Create an Altar and remember those that came before you.

Other places to celebrate are at :

1. Hollywood Forever

2. Olvera Street 3. Santa Ana, CA

Just to name a few but now many cemeteries are hosting Dia de los Muertos celebrations. Google your local cemetery to learn how they celebrate.

Here are some more pictures to view what I experience this year.

The face painters

Elegant catrina make up

Other countries celebrate aswell

Calavera Make up

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