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Meet los Payasitos

Our payasitos here with Happy Caritas are Mayito and Chely Chelita. They are my uncle and aunt. My aunt is my dad's younger sister but the one who introduced clowning into the family was my uncle. His first performance was at my cousin's Melanie, his older daughter. He studies and prepared a skit how her birthday along with my tio rogelio who performed only that one time. Mayito was born on that day. Mayito comes from the month May because my cousin's birthday celebration was on May.

Payaso Mayito
Payaso Mayito

Chely Chelita
Chely Chelita selfie with the kiddos

Chely Chelita became a clown after seeing how much joy it was brought to the kids. Together they started doing events in southern California. They have about 15 years of experience performing at parties and other major events.

In recent years Mayito and Chely Chilta have been involved in creating El Congreso de Latin Crown Evolution, which is a convention of Latin Clowns from all over North and South America who come here to Southern California to practice their art form. The convention is hosted here in Los Angeles and runs during the first weekend of August. They have different workshops; movements, acting, juggling, theatrical make up, clown style, magic, face painting and balloon twisting.

I am surprised and amazed by the time Mayito and Chely Chelita dedicate to the study of their art. They have been instrumental to my development as an artist and business owner.

Payaso Chely Chelita and Payaso Mayito
Payaso Chely Chelita and Payaso Mayito

Chelita is the person that travels with the characters. Im so excited about the characters we have. I'll introduce them at a later time.

In the mean time, make sure to invite Mayito and Chely Chelita to your event.

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