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Glow in the Dark

Yes, you are reading correctly. Glow in the Dark.. Many brands now have created Glow in the Dark paints for those Glow in the Dark parties that have become so popular among the youth. Weather you celebrate at a special place or at home.

We are equipped to be able to make our design stand out with those Glow in the Dark Paints.

Some of the designs might be adjusted so that they are able to be seen under blue light.

Blue and Neon Green Highlight

There are very few combinations made or that can work together that is why I work with individual colors and if possible layer others on top. The pictures below are an example of what im talking about. The rose is a solid combination and leafs are a single color and outline with black,

Glow in the dark  roses

The picture below will show you how the design looks in natural light versus the uv light.

Face and body paint will be an excellent choice during your neon parties. The designs will be bright and be shown with your uv light set up.

Neon Burning Skull

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