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Balloon Class with Matt Falloon

Just minutes from my house, I have a major balloon distributer, Mayflower Distribution Store. I come here to purchase my balloons. They recently were advertising a balloon twisting class with Matt Falloon master twister from Australia. I decided to go ahead and invest in my craft. I want offer the best that I can for my wonderful and awesome clients and that means continue learning new material and or techniques.

a very funny snake I learned from Matt at the class.

Matt's class was in the morning and David Branion's class was in the afternoon. Matt showed his very unique style. It was very hands and fun class that other Master twisters who I admire also attended.

David who is a performer gave us many tips on writing a script and performing on stage tips. This truly opened my eyes to so many possibilities that I hope I can incorporate in my services in the near future. I didn't know what to expect but it was extremely valuable information.

David starting his show!
Matt and I

In the middle I had to pick up my daughter school so she got to do homework while mom was taking a class.

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