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Combo Services

We were able to create and combine services to better accommodate all of our

clients. Some of our artist are multi talented and they have learned or are able to do different types of art.

Not everyone is able to do this therefore we took advantage of this and decided to combine some of those services.

We created three different services.

1. Combo #1: Face Painting and Balloon Twisting

Combo1: face painting and balloon twisting

2. Combo #2: Face Painting and Glitter Tattoos

Combo 2: Face Painting and Glitter Tattoos

3. Combo #3: Glitter Tattoos and Hair Tinsels

Your guest will receive a glitter tattoo and Hair tinsels

For any of this services, you will receive one (1) artist that can work on both services. This was done with you, our clients, in mind. So, you can have an awesome event without having to break the bank.

We are constantly working to evolve and cater to your need so if you have an idea of how we can better help you make your event even more espectacular, feel free and email your ideas to

We are happy to hear from all of our clients and definately listen and consider those ideas. After all your are why we are a success.

We love you tons,

Happy Caritas.

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