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Love is in the air!!!

This is one of the many balloons we created for our clients, so that they can give away and surprise that special someone.

We were told everyone loved their designs and were surprise to receive something different.

In addition, to creating balloon for clients.. our balloon for the parties were also about love with hearts at the center of the design.

For example, take a look at this Heart Balloon hat.

Heart Balloon Hat

It was such a hit for the kids and adults.

We are cooking some ideas for the following year!

The industry is giving them the name of "Candy Cups".

We plan to offer the "Candy Cups" not only for your parties but also for any holiday or celebration your can think of.

Here is just an idea for a Valentine's Day Design!!

On the cup, you can place anything you can think of. Aside, from candy, it can be chocolate, cash, a gift card, a hand written letter, or maybe jewelry!!

Monkey Love

These will be great for your child's class gift, the possibilities are enless.

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