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The Paint on our Face

Face painting is not and should not only be experience in birthday parties. We also participate in a variety of events, celebrations or festivities. This time around I was one of many artist called by an amazing artist or various mediums, Jamie Janett Art. The Ultimate Family Festival was put together by Target to launch a new brand. Hunter will be out this April.

The Festival had so many things for guest to experience from Bubbles for those toddlers to play with, Glitter Roots which was a team of hair stylist put together by Jamie, who did braids and added glitter to the roots. It brought the Coachella vibes to the festival. A team from Black Light Visuals artist was present to create amazing visuals for the hands. I was lucky enough to experience this. It was so painful for me since you first have to deep your hand in a solution that needs to be air dried but the vents were blowing cold air.. I felt that to the bone but nonetheless the result were amazing.

Getting the Solution Ready
The results
Me Enjoying this type of art

In addition to this art the event also had an great line up of singers, but I am bias and have to say the event had the most amazing team of face painters. Here are some of those pictures even though there Jamie is missing from that picture along a few other artist.

With the hommy Vanessa

Only half of the team

Here are some of the pictures I painted in this amazing event .

Glitter Beard

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