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When your friends really like your work

When your friends really like your work its great. Why? because these people tend to be your first and most loyal clients.

Not only are they happy with the work I have done for them but sometimes they take a little extra time and create something amazing for you.

My friends from college, John and Lidia recommended me for their nieces birthday party. I came to the party and proceeded to do my thing. I was talking to the kiddos and the adults who had on my chair. I always do this, often to relax the child or just to have a good time. I want the person sitting in front of me to feel comfortable and know that they have my attention. I want to let them that they are my focus.

As time went by, I notice John taking pictures, but of course that is normal at a birthday party. Little did I know he would take extra time to create this master piece. I hope you enjoy it!

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