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The app that gets me places :D

I am in my early 30s and like many of you, I did not have a cell phone until my last year in high school. Another thing to know is that I was raised by a single father so that means I was his co-pilot.

The Edition my dad thouht me with 1994 Thomas Guide

My dad thought me to read the big chunky book called the Thomas Guide at the age of 10.

This guide is basically a huge map of the entire LA and OC county. Once I got the practice, he would give me the address and I would need to find it and step by step provide directions for him. In other words, I was his Siri or Alexa voice.

I am sure he knew to get around town, but now that I think about it he did it more for me.

Several years later, when we had internet and a computer at home was , we would type the address and print out directions.

No one left their home without the MapQuest directions :D.

Fast forward a few more years and what we have now are Smart Phones with multiple applications that can pretty much do everything for you. Around 2008, Google launch Google Maps. The Thomas Guide at the tip of your finger. This was the application that I felt so excited about because I was a young collage girl that had to go places and I did not have to print a page with directions or read it out of the book.

Now days, I rely so much in map applications! in fact I run two different map applications to get to address where the party will be at. However, I do feel nostalgic about those days reading the Thomas Guide, and dad driving to our next adventure.

This amazing skill I have and those map applications have taken me to so many beautiful places that otherwise I would have not seen.

Just this week, I was called to attend a birthday party at a Hollywood Hills home. A beautiful home with an amazing balcony that had the most gorgeous view of LA. Once you stepped outside the home, you could see the Hollywood Sign.

Yes, this home is located on the last street that happens to sit just below the amazing Hollywood sign.

Practically, all my life in Los Angeles and I had never seen the Hollywood Sign this close and personal.

For security purposed I will not provide the address but I can show you a picture I took a picture of the Hollywood Sign from that said street.

Hollywood Sign

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