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Current Set Up

I started painting in 2010 and ever since then I've been changing my set up to fit my supplies and my needs. I have change my set up countless time and currently this is what it looks like.

I am very happy with it but knowing myself I don't doubt that it will change and when it does I will let you know.

Current Set up (2017)

As you can see I have my paints in a plastic paper organizer that I purchase at my local Daiso store. I attached my paints with Velcro so they don't move around. My brushes are in an ice make that was given to me by a face painting colleague and my liquid bling, additional glitter, mints, mirror, wipes, and jewels are in the far right plastic organizer.

It might seem like a lot to but away but it really is quiet fast. I am all packet up within a min.

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