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July with Jamie

Jamie and I

This blond, blue eye woman is Jamie. She is another amazing all around creative mind, with a very unique and distinctive psychedelic style. She sees and is art herself. Not only is she a face and body artist but she is a canvas painter, fabric painter, she paints murals and her art is displayed in other products like cell phones and in the streets of LA or Long Beach, CA.

The face painting community is a very small community in comparison to the Los Angeles population of nearly 4million people and Orange County population of 3.1million people, so networking with other artist is important should not be seen as a competition but as an opportunity to get to meet other people who have the same shared interest, who happen to be so talented, to learn from each other and help each other.

This month, I was lucky enough to paint with her in several events that revolved around the 4th of July celebrations around Los Angeles.

Here are some of the kids I painted in the events of America's Birthday!

Capitan America
Patriotic Spiderman

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