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Glitter Tattoos!

This is a different option that is amazingly received by all young and older kids. Older kids do tend to prefer this option. Girls love their glitter so this is right up their alley. I have also found that boys like glitter as well.

Dragon Tattoo on a Boy's arm

A great feature about Glitter tattoos is that the guest can enjoy them for a few days. The Glitter Tattoos can last up to 7 days when they are well cared for. This means, the area where the Glitter tattoo is located will not be subject to: scraping, scratching, moisturized, or get wet.

I suggest you apply it in areas life the shoulder, arms, or legs.

LA logo on a girls arm

To remove Glitter Tattoos is quite easy, you can apply baby oil and with a napkin or towel move glitter in circular motion. If baby oil is not available you can also use rubbing alcohol.

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